Stay For Good

Farm, Forest, and Mountain Hike

Extending beyond the walk noted above, this Hike includes 2 km of mountain trail discovering war history sites that include the zig-zag trenches used to protect against exploding bombs dropped from aircraft, and artillery from the sea, and to conceal human movement along the mountain. A gun bunker pre-dating the America-Vietnam war is also visited […]

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Farm and Forest Walk

This 5-kilometer walk is conducted within the property boundary utilizing the Laguna Exercise track to provide an immersive and educational experience. Guests are escorted through our dry forest to learn about the tree types here and how they stabilize the sand against wind erosion and provide an open habitat for birds and mammals such as

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Mangrove Discovery

Embark on a captivating one-hour boat trip aboard our small inflatable rescue boat, departing from the resort beach and journeying to the Bu Lu River Mangrove Forest. This immersive excursion offers a profound understanding of the mangrove forest’s critical role in sustaining the biodiversity of Lang Co Bay. As a vital breeding ground for local

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Đạp xe tham quan làng chài

Hành trình đạp xe với hướng dẫn viên đưa bạn khám phá cảnh đẹp quyến rũ của hai làng chài địa phương. Trải nghiệm cảm giác hồi hộp độc đáo của chuyến đi thuyền thúng truyền thống khi bạn di chuyển qua Rừng ngập mặn, lướt qua những lưới đánh cá treo lơ lửng và

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Bird Watching

As a part of our “Stay For Good” program, based on the “For Good” framework of Banyan Group, our Bird Watching experience motivates guests to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of Laguna Lang Co, nestled between the azure waters of the East Sea and The Annamite “Trường Sơn” Range – home to a variety

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English is FUN

English Is Fun

Join us to be an English teacher for local school children ! Launched in 2014, “English is Fun” is an annual programme of Laguna Lang Co aimed at helping local students improve their English efficiency and build up their passion for learning English through different fun games and interactive lessons. Since 2014–2020, Laguna Lang Co

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Elderly Care

Elderly Care

Join us to bring a warmer day for the local elders! Time: 10th of every month Location: Senior locals’ houses in Phu Hai Village Elderly Care Program was launched by Laguna Lăng Cô in February 2015 with the aim to bring a warmer home to the senior locals with monthly visits from our volunteers. The activities in

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