Nuoc Ngot Social Protection Center

A special trip to this center reveals many levels of existing and potential engagement. The center houses up to 80 children or disadvantaged/disabled youth. Some are orphans and some are day visitors, with all to receive care, food, and education whilst their single parent (if any) attempts to earn a living. Many of the children have birth defects resulting from parental exposure to the Chemicals in use during the war, whilst others may have injuries from mines and bombs found in rice fields, multiple sclerosis, down syndrome, etc… The center offers the opportunity to engage in games, meal times, and general social company.

The center also grows a crop of 12,000 Melaleuca Quinquenervia trees that we donated and planted 5+ years ago. The trees upper foliage is harvested and distilled to produce a high-grade essential oil (on-site at the center) that is sold through our BT Gallery to assist funding for the center – a genuine example of sustainability and move to self-sufficiency.

What sets this experience apart is the chance to learn about circular economy concepts and Laguna role at the center for the plantation, engage with disadvantaged children to help with social skills and general social fulfillment, help with meal times whether it be feeding, food prep, food delivery, as a genuine help to center staff and children, and also a time to appreciate how fortunate we as travelers are to be able to give our time and perhaps gifts to those less fortunate.



to be an English teacher for local school children !


Plant a seed - change a life !


Let's Talk Together!


to bring a warmer day for the local elders !