Farm and Forest Walk

This 5-kilometer walk is conducted within the property boundary utilizing the Laguna Exercise track to provide an immersive and educational experience. Guests are escorted through our dry forest to learn about the tree types here and how they stabilize the sand against wind erosion and provide an open habitat for birds and mammals such as the mongoose and squirrel as well as ground-foraging golden pheasants and wildfowl. Leaving the dry forest guests view golf and then our own Rice Fields.

The Laguna Farm is next which houses our herd of buffalo at night, our chickens, and ducks. The buffalo and chickens provide manure for the vegetable garden whilst the ducks act as natural insect solutions by eating the snails and grasshoppers that would normally be treated with chemicals. This educational component leads to discussions on sustainable agriculture through to permaculture concepts. It is also a chance for “city folk” to bond with animals and to consider them more than just a source of food.

Next is a cooling walk through the green jungle-like forest, passing our lake, and enjoying the dark confines of our Bamboo Grove for more photo opportunities before rejoining the developed area of the resort.

Through this experience, you will reconnect with nature and the freshest clean air, learn about local bio-diversity and Laguna’s efforts to protect and embrace it and its significance to the broader area, learn about the use of farming techniques to reduce chemical reliance, bond with animals to develop a more protectionist and caring attitude for animal life.



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