Breakfast Delights at Laguna Lăng Cô

Embark on a culinary journey in the morning at Laguna Lăng Cô with our diverse breakfast offerings. At Golf Café, enjoy a relaxed ambiance with options that cater to golf lovers. The Market Place provides a vibrant atmosphere with a variety of international and Vietnamese breakfast delights. For an elegant dining experience, The Water Court offers exquisite dishes, including traditional Vietnamese breakfast options. Start your day right with a perfect blend of flavors at Laguna Lăng Cô.

Floating Breakfast

Banyan Tree

An inspiring way to welcome your new day

Take a deep breath, and admire the most perfect beach soundtrack that you would love to put on repeat. An inspiring way to welcome your new day is with the serenity of where sky-meets-ocean that can only be found at Banyan Tree Lăng Cô, over a sumptuous floating breakfast.


Great inspiration for your morning

Escape to Angsana Lăng Cô for a lavish retreat! Elevate your mornings with our floating breakfast by the pool. Immerse in opulence, savor exquisite cuisine and enrich your experience with us. A delightful breakfast awaits, ready to make your great day!

Laguna Parkside

Enjoy your breakfast in style

Immerse yourself in the refreshing embrace of the crystalline waters, and enjoy a unique breakfast in the private pool at Laguna Parkside Residences Lăng Cô. This is not only breakfast but also the best way to unwind your mind and start the best day ever.

Breakfast Restaurants

The Water Court

With both indoor and al fresco seating and featuring a show kitchen, The Water Court serves a full buffet breakfast with champagne for guests every morning, and is open in the evening to offer a complete dining experience.

Market Place

Let’s start your day with a buffet breakfast at Market Place restaurant. Indulge in a wide selection of food prepared with ingredients from the most diverse and fresh local food sources. Get yourself recharged for a day of various activities at Laguna Lăng Cô!

Golf Café

“If you want to play better, you have to eat better, you have to look out for yourself” said Sir Nick Faldo. Indeed, breakfast is akin to a key that unlocks the expanse of a productive day for a golfer. Enjoy an energy breakfast at Golf Cafe and refill your energy before an engaging round of golf!