A kindergarten new launch at Laguna Lăng Cô – Huế

On February 2nd, 2024, we celebrated the grand opening of Laguna Lăng Cô Kindergarten, anchored in the belief that “education forms the solid foundation for the future.” This event marks a pivotal moment in our ongoing investment in people, vividly embodying the Banyan Group’s commitment to responsible business practices. We hold a firm belief that “Every child deserves the best start on their journey!”

A kindergarten new launch at Laguna Lăng Cô

The Significance of Its Establishment

Laguna Lăng Cô is renowned not just for its majestic natural beauty but also for its commitment to the community and the environment. The establishment of Laguna Lăng Cô Kindergarten stands as a testament to the Banyan Group’s long-term dedication to investing in education, laying a solid foundation for the future of both individuals and our community at large.

Mr. Gavin Herholdt - Managing Director of Laguna Lăng Cô Resort’s speech

“We began with Laguna Lăng Cô Kindergarten on a small scale, focusing on serving the children of our employees. However, with an expansive vision based on community needs, we will continuously evolve to welcome the local community and visitors alike. Above all, each developmental step ensures comprehensive educational quality, aligning with Banyan Group’s sustainable growth direction. Our education goes beyond teaching; we guide through action, nurturing our children to become valuable contributors to society.” – Mr. Gavin Herholdt, Laguna Lăng Cô Managing Director shares.

The philosophy of the Banyan Group is rooted in the interconnectedness of all things. Just as everything starts from a seed, we recognize the critical role of early childhood education in nurturing young minds to develop a consciousness that blossoms into a bright future, turning them into valuable members of society.

Believing that our younger generation will grow to respect diversity and understand various cultures globally, we aim to shape their thought processes to encourage curiosity, empathy and authenticity.

Right Start - Bright Future

With the recent inauguration of the kindergarten, Laguna Lăng Cô has opened a new chapter in the journey of nurturing and developing the younger generation, reaffirming Laguna Lăng Cô’s unwavering commitment to education and community development. Join us in spreading love and care for education, ensuring every child confidently enters a bright future!



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