Feeding Communities Together

Feeding Communities Together

Be part of Laguna Lăng Cô’s effort in giving back to the community!

As part of Banyan Tree Group’s Stay For Good platform, at the same time with other Banyan Tree hotels and resorts in the world, Laguna Lăng Cô organizes the Feeding Communities Together day in October each year in conjunction with World Food Day. In which, every guest room night at the resort during the week of World Food Day was turned into one nutritious meal for the local community.


Date: October, 2023
Location: Loc Thuy commune

The theme of World Food Day is Water Is Life, Water Is Food. We have organized activities to learn about the importance of water, specifically visiting wastewater treatment plants and bottled drinking water factories.
In addition, we continue to donate water on a weekly schedule to Loc Vinh Secondary School. Nearly 100 free lunches were provided to disabled children in Loc Thuy commune, 10km from Laguna Lang Co.
Finally, there is a clean plate challenge to raise awareness among associates about limiting food waste, and lunch is associated with dishes from different cultures around the world.


Date:August 23, 2019
Location: Nuoc Ngot social Protection Center

With the kind sponsorship of two Banyan Tree Lang Co hotel guests, a nutritious food day was held for children of disabilities and poor children at Nuoc Ngot Social Protection Center. The guests had memorable moments when they taught the children how to draw Mickey mouse, sang songs and ate together delicious food prepared by the hotel. 


Date: 17th October 2018
Location: Nuoc Ngot social Protection Center

Laguna Lang Co CSR cooperated with Nuoc Ngot social Protection Center to conduct a Feeding day for underprivileged families as well as disabled children.

With the help of Ms. Dam Kim An – the senior lecturer of Da Nang University of Medical Technology and the Dean of Faculty of Nursing at Da Nang Hospital, a consultation of nutritional meal was implemented for 60 women in Loc Thuy commune to enhance the quality of their daily meal. Particularly, all attendants were also presented 20 kg of rice which had been grown in the paddy field in Laguna Lăng Cô Golf Course.

Moreover, all Laguna Lăng Cô volunteers were delighted to join hand for delivering 80 healthy lunch portions to children/nuns at Nuoc Ngot social protection center at the end of the event.


Date: 17th – 20th Oct, 2017
Location: Loc Thuy and Loc Tien communes

Feeding Community Together 2017 (17th – 20th Oct) consists of 3 day activities, targeting to enhance 410 local people and children in Loc Thuy and Loc Tien communities through achieving food security, improving nutrition and promoting sustainable agriculture, accomplished joyfully with the strong companion and support from our Laguna Lăng Cô management & associates, suppliers and relative local governments.

17th October | Training of sustainable rice farming to local farmer

40 local farmers from Loc Thuy commune was invited to Laguna Lăng Cô for the training of sustainable rice farming on 17th Oct 2017. The activity day ended with a friendly lunch and site tour to Laguna Lăng Cô Organic farm where our local farmers were able to experience the way to develop organic farming.

19th October | Nutritional meal consult and Cooking exchange

A special nutritional meal consulting session was conducted for 50 kindergarten teachers and the disadvantaged families by the help of Ms Kim An Dam – the Master of Medical Social Work, Dean of Faculty of Nursing department, Da nang university of Medical Technology and Pharmacy. Moreover, participants had opportunity to enhance their cooking technique and apply the knowledge of learned nutritional meal training through the short cooking show by Mr Heshan Peris – Laguna Lăng Cô Executive Chef and cooking exchange which used inexpensive local raw material as the source of ingredients.

Volunteers had join hand for delivering 170 healthy lunch portions to children/teachers at Loc Tien kindergarten at the end of the event.

20th Oct | Feeding to the local patients

With the support from our LLC associates and representative of Chan May hospital, 150 nutritional lunch potions (congee, banana, milk) were delivered to patients, families and doctors/nurses at Chan May hospital along with gift set of clothes/slippers. Following that, the joyful music performance from our associates really marked the interesting day for both volunteers and patients in the hospital.


Date: 14th October 2016
Location: Nuoc Ngot Social Protection Center

The feeding day was conducted with various games and lovely performance by the students at center. A proper hand – washing training was conducted to raise awareness and provide action to prevent a range of diseases.


Date: 18th October 2015
Location: Phu Loc Hospital

On the feeding day 2015, Laguna Lăng Cô resort’s staff volunteered to deliver healthy and nutritious lunch portions to the patients and families at the local Phu Loc Hospital – the main hospital of Phu Loc District support for patients from nearby poor towns and villages where Laguna Lăng Cô was located.

The Feeding Communities lunch pack included nutritious hot beef and vegetable congee, bananas, and milk.


Date: 16-18h October 2014
Location: Laguna Lăng Cô, Physical Rehabilitation Centre for Underprivileged and Disabled Children in Phu Loc district, Hoi An Social Shelter for the Homeless Elderly

October 16th opens the initiative with local farmers from Loc Vinh commune coming in to Laguna Lăng Cô’s Organic Farm for a friendly lunch and a session of experience sharing with hands-on farming activities. The day is a show of appreciation for local farmers, strengthening the link between the resort and local families who will continue to develop organic farming in the region for better economic development.

On October 17th, guests and resort associates visit the Nuoc Ngot social protection center for Underprivileged and Disabled Children in Phu Loc district. Not just a chance to provide nutritious meals for underprivileged local children, the day also brings hours of fun and games to over 80 children in the centre’s schoolyard, with playful guidance for healthy eating and living.

Hoi An Social Shelter for the Homeless Elderly is Laguna Lăng Cô’s third destination on October 18th. The day is organized with the help of associates from Seedlings – Laguna Lăng Cô’s first restaurant in Hoi An under Banyan Tree’s mentorship programme with the aim to provide training and job opportunities for disadvantaged local youths. Giving back to the community, these Seedlings youths and hotel volunteers provide a delicious and healthy lunch for over 100 local senior citizens at the shelter.



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