Lập An lagoon

Lập An lagoon (also known as An Cư Lagoon) is an 800-hectare brackish water lagoon in Hue and a part of Lăng Cô Bay, Phu Loc District, nestled between Hai Van Pass and Phu Gia Pass. Setting against the backdrop of magnificent Bach Ma mountain range and facing the beautiful Lăng Cô beach, Lập An lagoon is one of the remarkable natural landscapes in Hue, often described by travel lovers a place where mountain meets ocean.   

Visiting Lập An Lagoon, travelers can enjoy the picturesque scenery with white clouds floating on high mountain ranges in the unique bright blue sky background. The lagoon is as beautiful as the mysterious haven in the wonderland that can make people fall in love at the first sight. As a tip shared between travelers, the best moment of lagoon comes during the low tide period of the day when people can walk on the sandy footpath emerging in the midst of water. Stunning and slightly adventurous, this favorite walk brings people a unique chance to see the water parted by a thin belt of land and find themselves lost in an immense natural beauty.

In addition to poetic nature, Lập An lagoon is the habitat for many aquatic animals and plants. The special is oyster which local people consider “heavenly gift” for their homeland. Superior to the oyster farmed in other areas of the country, Lăng Cô’s oyster delivers very high nutritional value and distinctive taste, and is must-try for dining in Lăng Cô.

Lập An lagoon is associated with the rustic and simple life of local people. Spending a day walking through old-day fishing villages, you can find yourself close to the daily living of local people and explore the sea culture of this amazing destination. Observe how people spread the net to catch fish in the immense lagoon, pick scallops deep in the sand or farm oysters in the water. You will then keep yourself into the stories of how harmonised the livings by Lập An lagoon be with nature for centuries.

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