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In a world of environmental crises, prioritizing sustainability isn’t just a corporate responsibility – it’s our future’s promise. Recognized as a vanguard in the luxury resort domain, Banyan Group has embraced the critical role of environmental stewardship and human investment, particularly focusing on our invaluable team.

The new symbol of Banyan Group during 30 years of development

A year of significant progress

2023 has been a landmark year for Banyan Group, marked by substantial advancements in our sustainability initiatives:

  • 12,963 trees were planted with the support of 1,180 associates, 1,000 guests and community volunteers.
  • 22% reduction in emissions intensity per occupied room (0.16 tCO2e per room).
  • 1,355 environmental and social initiatives completed including planting, community clean-ups, and wildlife conservation.
  • 8.4% less water used per occupied room through recapture and water savings initiatives (3.44 m3 per room).
  • 119 young people were supported with training and vocational education through the Seedlings program.
Banyan Group's journey to sustainabilities

Embracing the environment

In addition, Banyan Group takes a holistic approach to environmental challenges, emphasizing major areas such as climate action, waste reduction, water conservation, and biodiversity respect. We’ve partnered with sustainability leaders and utilized platforms like Terrascope to map our emissions, ensuring every step we take is impactful.

Empowering people

At Banyan Group, we believe in empowering people and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our initiatives range from uplifting local communities through education and employment to ensuring well-being and professional development for our associates. The report below delves into how these efforts enhance our operational efficiency and enrich our community.

Empowering people and promoting diversity, equity and inclusion

Looking ahead, we remain dedicated to enhancing these initiatives with plans to integrate sustainability targets further into our operations and corporate ethos. Our commitment extends beyond current achievements, focusing on long-term impacts that benefit both our planet and its people.

For those interested in understanding the depth of our efforts and the impact of our work, the Banyan Group’s 2023 Sustainability Report is available here. Join us in our journey towards a more sustainable future!

Banyan Group’s 2023 Sustainability Report
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