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Banyan Group

Once known as Banyan Tree, the Banyan Group has reshaped the landscape of global luxury retreats. On January 11, 2024, a new chapter unfolded as Banyan Tree rebranded to Banyan Group, commemorating 30 years of transformative growth and pioneering excellence.


An abandoned tin mine

(Before renovation)

After many years of intense exploitation, this land has become heavily polluted. The condition of the land at the time led consulting firms to conclude that building a resort here would be nearly impossible.



Through tireless efforts, we gradually transformed a dry land into a wonderful coastal resort paradise. In 1994, Laguna Phuket officially opened, paving the way for the birth of an eco-resort brand imbued with Asian culture.

Banyan Group launched Laguna Phuket in 1994, transforming desolate terrains into coastal sanctuaries, and setting the stage for an eco-resort brand that embodies the essence of Asian luxury. From our inception, Banyan Group has redefined the meaning of luxury, elegance, and sustainability in the hospitality sector. Today, boasting 76 resorts and more than 10 hotel brands worldwide, Banyan Group showcases unparalleled growth and steadfast potential.

The new symbol of Banyan Group during 30 years of formation and development

Sustainable Development - Our Heartbeat

In a world of environmental crises, prioritizing sustainabilities isn’t just a corporate responsibility – it’s our future’s promise. Recognized as a vanguard in the luxury resort domain, Banyan Group has embraced the critical role of environmental stewardship and human investment, particularly focusing on our invaluable team.

Environmental Stewardship - Our Commitment

We understand that our prosperity is intrinsically linked to our planet’s well-being. That’s why we’ve spearheaded advanced environmental management strategies – from harnessing renewable energy and minimizing waste to promoting recycling and reuse across all our operations. Our initiatives do more than mitigate environmental impacts; they inspire sustainable lifestyles and community awareness.

Philosophy towards sustainabilities and protection of natural resources

Empowering People - Our Foundation

But our vision extends beyond environmental advocacy. We believe in nurturing our greatest asset—our people. Through comprehensive training programs and enriching skill development opportunities, we foster an empowering workplace culture. Coupled with our compelling welfare benefits, we ensure our team’s satisfaction and loyalty, solidifying the groundwork for Banyan Group’s enduring growth.

We were participating in the Earth Hour 2024 event at Laguna Lăng Cô

Embrace the journey with Banyan Group as we navigate the path to a greener, more sustainable future in luxury travel. Together, we’re not just making strides; we’re making a difference. Join us as we embark on this exciting journey, where every step we take is a step towards a sustainable legacy for generations to come!

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