Women & Golf: Breaking barriers and achieving excellence


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Women in the World of Golf

In recent years, the world of golf has seen a significant increase in female participation, challenging the notion that it’s a sport solely for men. Women are not only participating as players but also as coaches, golf event managers, and leaders within golf organizations. Their involvement enriches the sport and promotes gender equality in sports and society at large.

Challenges and opportunities

Golf has become a hot topic on social media and forums, especially as the number of women players increases, challenging stereotypes like “They call it a sport, I call it entrepreneurship”, “Want a rich husband? Go to the golf course“, or “Most beautiful women play golf to catch a wealthy man.” These stereotypes contribute to a negative perception of women in golf.

Chang Hsin Chiao at the 13th Faldo Series Final (2019)

In reality, the notion of women playing golf to “hunt” for wealth is a minor aspect. It doesn’t overshadow the health benefits and the sport’s ability to build social networks and business relationships. Importantly, not just young women but also those married actively participate, countering the public’s view of “gold-digging” on the golf course.

Vietnam’s women’s golf clubs are growing, offering chances for the community to learn and share experiences in this beloved sport. Women’s participation in golf is an opportunity for them to assert themselves in society and sports.

Instead of stereotyping, we should respect and appreciate women’s passion and effort in mastering golf, a sport that requires patience, strategy, skill, and focus. This not only adds beauty to the sport but also opens up a diverse and equal perspective on sports for everyone.

Success stories of women in Golf tournaments

The success stories of women in major golf tournaments worldwide are not just inspiring but also a testament to women’s ability and strength in conquering new heights. From professional golfers to beginners, each woman has a unique and meaningful story, showcasing an unyielding spirit and determination to overcome all barriers. Let’s highlight some “roses” who have successfully made their mark in the history of the Faldo Series – a nurturing ground for young golfers globally.


Suzuka Yamaguchi

The first female golfer to win at the Faldo Series 2018, surpassing over 90 male competitors from 20 countries, with a total score of -15. She sets high goals for international competitions after winning the Australian Women’s Amateur Championship.


Chang Hsin Chiao

Following her victory at the Faldo Series Asia 2019, Chang became the second consecutive female golfer to win this prestigious event, aiming for the LPGA Tour, following in the footsteps of Suzuka Yamaguchi.

Beyond the Faldo Series, Vietnam also boasts many talented female golfers who have proven their abilities through impressive achievements in domestic and international tournaments, showcasing the talent of Vietnamese women’s golf on the global stage.


Đoàn Xuân Khuê Minh

A standout in the Vietnamese golf scene with her win at the National Golf Championship 2022, Khuê Minh continues to showcase her talent and aims to successfully defend her title in upcoming tournaments.


Lê Chúc An

A young talent in Vietnamese golf, she made a strong impression at the National Golf Championship 2022 and other tournaments, currently on a path of development with high future goals.


Nguyễn Thảo My

With many successes from a young age, Thảo My continues to prove her talent and sets high aspirations for the National Golf Championship 2023, after having won several important tournaments before.

These young athletes highlight the thriving golf scene in Vietnam and represent the potential and bright future of Vietnamese women in the sport. Their dedication, skill and achievements on the golf course inspire a new generation of golfers, proving that passion and hard work can lead to extraordinary success.

MC Thúy Hạnh and her family play golf at Laguna Lăng Cô

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