Springtime in Huế: A Tapestry of Traditional Tết Celebrations


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The Traditional Tết Atmosphere in Huế

As spring arrives, Huế – a city rich in cultural and historical heritage – dons a new cloak brimming with the colors and flavors of traditional Tết. Along its tree-shaded streets, from ancient houses to solemn royal tombs, Huế’s old-world charm becomes more welcoming than ever with joyous laughter, the aroma of green Bánh chưng (rice cakes), and the twinkling lights from rows of traditional lanterns. Every street corner and alleyway is imbued with the spirit of Tết, creating a vivid and colorful tableau.

Why choose Huế for your Spring excursion

Explore the beauty and recreational activities inspired by the longstanding traditions, culture, and customs of the Vietnamese people. Make your Spring 2024 journey unforgettable with these ideal choices!


Traditional Charm

Famous for its serene natural landscapes and rich cultural heritage, Huế also preserves its traditional beauty during Tết. Tết season in Huế is a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, where one can witness the preservation of ancient rituals, traditional costumes, and unique customs.


Cultural Activities

Tết in Huế is further special for its array of unique cultural activities. From traditional village festivals, temple fairs to Áo dài (traditional Vietnamese dress) competitions, each event reenacts a part of the city’s rich history and culture. It’s a perfect opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in the warm and traditional Tết atmosphere of Huế.

Spring Journey in Huế

Huế, a land of scholarly heritage, boasts a rich history, distinctive culture, and a proud revolutionary tradition. Moreover, Huế is home to numerous cultural heritages, historical landmarks, and hundreds of festivals that deeply embody the national cultural identity.

Huế - A Destination of Vietnamese Culture

Culinary Experience

Huế’s cuisine is a refined blend of flavors and presentation. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the richly flavored Bun Bo Hue, refreshing Bun Hen, or the simple yet delicate Banh Nam and Banh Bot Loc. Ranked among the top #28 cities for the best cuisine globally, Hue promises unforgettable culinary experiences to its visitors.

Suggested Itinerary for Various Visitor Groups (3 days & 2 nights)

For a meaningful vacation, we suggest the following itinerary for different visitor groups during their visit to Huế:

Type Families (with children) Couples Groups of friends International tourists
Day 1 Begin the journey with a visit to the Huế Imperial City, where children can learn about history and culture. In the afternoon, visit Thiên Mụ Pagoda and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere by Hương River. Explore the Imperial City and take a night stroll along Hương River, enjoying the romantic and poetic atmosphere of Huế. Explore the Imperial City and take a night stroll along Hương River, enjoying the romantic atmosphere of Huế. Explore the Imperial City and take a night stroll along Hương River, enjoying the romantic atmosphere of Huế.
Day 2 Spend the entire day visiting the royal tombs of the Nguyễn Emperors. This is an opportunity for the whole family to explore the architectural beauty and green spaces of the tomb areas. Relax at a quaint coffee shop. In the evening, try a romantic dinner at a local restaurant. Visit the royal tombs and try water sports on Hương River. Spend the day visiting the royal tombs and enjoying local cuisine.
Day 3 Visit the Tết flower market and shop for souvenirs. End the day with an evening at a playground, where children can enjoy themselves. Participate in traditional festivals such as village and temple festivals, and immerse yourself in the Tết atmosphere in Huế. Visit the Tết flower market for photography and experience the Tết atmosphere in Huế. Enjoy traditional activities like boat racing, wrestling, etc., to learn more about Vietnamese cultural traditions.

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Banyan Tree Lăng Cô

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Laguna Parkside Residences

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With its serene beauty and rich traditions, Huế is not only an ideal destination for exploring Vietnamese culture and history but also the perfect place to experience a warm and exciting traditional Tết. From magnificent historical landmarks, sacred temples, to traditional festivals and unique cuisine, every moment in Huế promises unforgettable experiences.

Central Vietnam is beautiful! Why wait any longer? Grab your backpack and start exploring now!

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