Between the pages of a book is a wonderful journey to be


Many students in Phu Loc district have been attending schools that interesting children books are in short supply. Particularly, in Nuoc Ngot 2 primary school, every 30 students are sharing 10 books per week and it is hardly to borrow for reading at home. Furthermore, the variety of book in school’s library is limited that two – thirds of books are text-book.

With the belief that books can transport a child to the extraordinary world  and introduce them to amazing people, Reading Is Fun 2018 (Feb – Nov), part of “Is Fun” educational project, is launched to bring more interesting books as well as enhance the passion and habit of reading for local school children. The project starts by providing books and then weekly interactive book-sharing workshops that welcome participation from all Laguna Lang Co guests and associates.

 How you can get involvement

  • Donate your books (from Feb onward)
  • Visit and share your love of reading to our students (Mar – Oct)