Join our Road Cycling Training Camp for a great opportunity to focus on your passion.

Our Road Cycling Training Camp is a great way to learn how to train with a few like-minded people, and to do it in an amazing setting like Central Vietnam while based in a 5 star resort. A great combination of developing your cycling capabilities to achieve your cycling aspirations, and enjoying a magnificent luxury resort by the sea for the best recovery. It is your opportunity to train like a full time athlete, with the support, with the coaching, with the mechanic, but with none of the hardships and pressure that full time athletes often endure.

Our training camps are deliberately small to ensure a truly personalized approach.  Even within a small group we cater for the individual to maximize your results.  Whether you are a slow, medium, or fast rider, one who loves the flats, or loves the hills, we will ensure you get the best results in the most enjoyable manner possible.

Whether this is your first season of road riding, or you’re a seasoned rider, an organized road cycling training camp will provide you with many benefits that will improve both your riding and overall physical capabilities.  Add the reward of achieving this while enjoying the hospitality of a 5 star beachside resort in the cleanest air possible, and you have a winning recipe that will be the envy of your partner or mates – so bring them too.