Breast Cancer

In order to support patients with breast cancer, in 2019, Laguna Lang Co Golf Course launched a donation program in which for every PINK apparel guests buy from our Proshop, we will donate $2 to the local breast cancer foundation. PINK flags were also used during October in our Golf Course to raise people’s awareness about the disease. The campaign attracted many female golfers as well as Laguna Golf associates and helped to raise nearly $150 just after few days.

In October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign was celebrated to raise awareness of breast cancer. Guests and associates are encouraged to wear the Pink Ribbon pins and spread the information of breast cancer to their friends. The poster of breast cancer was also published on different BOH noticed boards for enhancing the understanding of this worldwide disease for our associates.

1,000 Pink Ribbon pins were purchased that all money was sent to support for Breast Cancer Foundation’s in their continuing efforts to help breast cancer patients.

In 2018, over 150 local women were trained about how to prevent and check for early detecting the disease.