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Laguna Lăng Cô is located in Central Vietnam, framed by a three-kilometre beach in the Chan May region overlooking the East Sea, an area renowned for its pristine coastline, natural scenery. With more than 100 activities available to bring out the intrepid explorer in you, you are likely to be busy enjoying yourself so much that a return trip is inevitable. Do not forget to squeeze in some time to do absolutely nothing other than lying on the luscious beach and soak in the incredible beauty of Laguna Lăng Cô.

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Our recommendations

Cycle - Phu Loc

So much beauty in such a short ride.

Tam Giang Lagoon to Bach Ma foothills

Cycle Phu Loc

During an easy 22 kilometers of cycling, you travel from the shores of Vietnam’s largest freshwater lagoon, through villages and fields to the low laying foothills of the legendary Bach Ma Mountain. We transfer you to a quiet countryside path to begin your “journey of discovery”. Our expert guides and super comfortable mountain bikes will ensure your journey is a great Vietnamese experience full of photographic opportunities and memories to last a lifetime.

Awaiting you, are stunning views of the famous Tam Giang Lagoon, ever serene Vietnamese Buffalo, lush rice fields, a Buddhist Temple on a solitary karst – run by an ancient order of lady monks, meandering streams, and a waterfall fed by the finest of mountain waters, all with the towering Bach Ma Mountain watching over you. Many stops are included for cool drinks, photo opportunities, sightseeing, and an opportunity to swim near the base of this waterfall, so this is an easy ride that you should not miss.

ATV Guided Safari

Discover the stunning landscape of Lang Co on board our ATV, exploring nature trails and beaches.

ATV Guided Safari

After our “Operating and Safety Briefing, you will drive our 4wd All-Terrain Vehicle ( ATV Quad Bike ) through the Laguna forest, developing and improving your skills as we go. There will be numerous stops to ask questions, take photos, soak in the scenery, before reaching our secret destination for perhaps a dip in the ocean, refreshments (fruit/water), and more unique experiences.

For your fun:

Bring or wear your swimmers and take a dip in the beautiful ocean, or simply to get that awesome beach holiday photo. Learn from our guide how to handle the ATV and you will enjoy the capabilities of the machine as you weave through the twisting and turning tracks of the Laguna Forest.

For your safety:

  • These fast and powerful machines are designed to carry only one rider per ATV.
  • Manufacturer requires over 16’s only.
  • Helmets are provided and we recommend the use of sunglasses during your ride.

Jet Ski Safari with Guide

Prepare yourself for fun, excitement, and just a little bit of education, on your holiday!

Jet Ski Safari with Guide

Before starting out, you will receive our mandatory “safety” and “how to ride briefing” (Safety video, procedures, etc.) before being fitted with your life jacket. This will ensure you are well equipped to stay safe on the ride and gain the most from your time on the water. If you have never ridden before – we can teach you or perhaps you would like to ride with one of our expert riders. Leaving from our beach near the Watersports Centre, practice your riding skills and control before reaching the amazing Bu Lu River.

After entering this river, see some local fishing boats that spend their time at sea each night, view the mangrove forest that sustains the Bu Lu River, and the many restaurants on the beach that entertain the village residents most nights. Other sights to encounter include the fishing village of Binh An, Chan May Port itself and Chan May Point where shallow water may on a calm day reveal what lays beneath. The fun and thrills of a jet ski adventure while learning about the Vietnamese seaside life – a great holiday memory indeed.

Kayak / Sup Safari With Guide

Kayak / Stand Up Paddle board

Taste of Adventure

This is a very smooth protected waterway perfected suited for those wanting to go beyond the resort and paddle through riparian zones, discover wildlife, farm animals, rice fields, and simply enjoy some rural scenery.

If you are new to Stand Up Paddling, we highly recommend the free lessons at watersports to best prepare you to take maximum advantage of the sights along the way, or select Kayak for best stability.

Our Guide will look after you with paddling tips, commentary, as well as ensure your gear is set up just right.

Cycle Fishing Villages Beach Rides

Explore the fishing villages of Binh An and Canh Duong by bicycle

This is a Personalised Cycling excursion – grade: very easy (short and flat, approx. 6.5km).

Highlights: Binh An – Canh Duong villages experience, beach ride, food markets, fishing boats, basket boat

Binh An and Canh Duong village experience



Guided Experiences & Safari

Boat Rental with Boat Driver

Charter your own boat and skipper and take family/friends on your personalized tour to visit local Canh Duong fishing village, a secluded beach, to snorkel along the rocky seashore, or simply to enjoy time together cruising the tropical waters of Chan May Bay with beautiful Laguna Resort in the background.

Can you think of a better photo opportunity ?

Discover Mangrove Areas & Fishing Village By Inflatable Boat

Aboard our small inflatable boat, we can explore the shallow river areas, home to the mangrove forest that supports the local sea life by providing sanctuary and food. Learn the importance that the mangroves have for the sustainability of the fishing village that you will also visit. You will have many opportunities for photos – from scenes of natural beauty to hanging fishing nets, boats, and village life.

Laguna Discovery By Fat Bike

Explore the beauty of Laguna during this flat 4 km guided ride (approx. 90 mins)

Laguna Discovery By Fat Bike

Book your easy ride on our Fat Bike – the coolest way to ride around the Laguna precinct and see the sights. Starting at the water sports center, you will ride near the canal before meandering through the cool and quiet forest tracks. Our guide will entertain you with information on the picturesque sights that you will encounter.

The famous Sir Nick Faldo golf course, rice fields, cool forests, our Organic Garden and Animal Farm, perhaps even a buffalo or two. Native animals often seen in this area include vibrant blue birds, different types of weasels, squirrels, and a large range of beautiful butterflies.

Your ride includes a stop to enjoy some fresh fruit, a cool drink, a visit to our organic garden and animal farm, and as much time to enjoy the scenery and take photos as you would like.


Jet Ski Ride

This is as much fun as an ATV but with the added excitement of flying across the water. No experience necessary as we will show you the simple steps for having fun on the water. Room for 2 people allows you to take your partner, child, or friend along to share the excitement and perhaps allow them a moment at the controls.

Water Ski & Wakeboard

Beginners or experienced water skiers & wakeboards can enjoy the warm tropical waters behind our experienced drivers. Lessons for beginners are available.

We have a range of equipment including Kneeboard, Slalom Skis, Wake skis, Wakeboard, and the family favorite – ZUP Multi–Sport Board.

Young children can also enjoy the fun on the easy to use “Ezi Trainer”. Perfect for your child’s first experience.

Banana Boat & Tow Tubes

With room for up to 7 riders, you are certain to find a ride for you and your friends/family.

No skill required, just hop on, hang on, and enjoy the exhilaration of flying across the water behind our boat. It is so much fun you will want to do it every day.

Stand Up Paddle Board – Lesson

Stand-up paddle boarding offers a fun and relaxing way to play on the water and delivers a gentle full-body workout. Head to our beautiful beach and spend some fun time with your families and friends floating around on the warm tropical waters.

Our friendly staff will help you learn and with a little practice you will look like a professional.

Viet Nam Basket Boat

You must experience a basket boat ride in Viet Nam. This iconic craft has been used extensively for hundreds of years to develop trade, ferry people, fish from, carry animals, or simply to race each other. Our Basket Boat ocean experience gives you the opportunity to ride the gentle ocean swell, learn to paddle it yourself, and get the most authentic holiday photos ever, all right in front of the resort.


Enjoy paddling along the pristine beach of Laguna Lăng Cô and taking in the beautiful lush scenery around you.

Surf Board/ Body Board

Laguna Beach is known for its gentle sea conditions and the small waves can often be caught on our body boards by both adults and children. Body boarding is easy to learn and lots of fun. Simply lay on the board and catch the wave towards the shore.

If you are an experienced surfer and the waves are pumping, come and see us at watersports to discuss your surfing opportunity. We have soft top intermediate surf boards that are suited to the smaller waves.

Stand Up Paddle Board

Stand-up paddle board offers a fun and relaxing way to play on the water and delivers a full-body workout. Head to our beautiful beach, spend some interesting time with your families and friends!


Land Activities-Handicraft-ATV Ride

ATV Ride

With simple guidance from our team, you can hop onto an all-terrain vehicle to explore Laguna Lăng Cô and take on a real adventure!

ATV safari

Fun is the best way to describe this 20 minute ride aboard our Yamaha 4 wheel drive machines. Some simple instructions, a little practice, and you’re set to follow our guide twisting and turning through the Laguna forest. No experience necessary (over 16’s only) and we will help you get the best selfies.


Play some tennis, or learn the basics with our tennis partner. Rackets and balls, even your own ball boy, are all available. This is a perfect activity to add into your early morning or afternoon exercise program.


Archery appeals to young and old alike due to its simplicity. Quickly learn the basics with some helpful hints from our experts and then challenge yourself to hit the center. Concentration and technique makes this activity ideal to forget the stresses of life and put you in the holiday mood.


This is a game using rackets and shuttlecocks across a net with either 1 or 2 players per side. The game is played the world over and is dominated by the successes of the Asian countries. The rules are simple so you can focus on improving your game and having fun while exercising.

Bungee Trampoline

Bouncing on our trampoline using a safety harness is a great activity for children. This allows them to fly, and flip, and pretend to be world acrobatics champion, while safely supported. A perfect activity to capture holiday photos of your child’s biggest smile.

Bocce Ball

Known by many names, this is a game played all over the world. French Petangue, Bocci, Boules, or English Bowls, whatever you call it, if you are having fun you are doing it right. Play it on the beach or play it on our bocce court. Easy to learn and suitable for all ages.


“Kro Kay” is a game of strategy using simple skills to hit colored wooden balls through a series of wickets. The fun starts when you learn to bounce your ball off your friend’s ball and score extra points. The game is centuries old and was popularized by the English Royalty in the 1800’s.


  • Paper Lotus Flower Making
  • Lantern Making
  • Conical Hat Painting




Sandflies - Sandflies are very small insects that at certain times can be found on beaches throughout Vietnam. Insect repellent is a simple defense against sandflies and should be applied before going to the beach if you suspect you are sensitive to their mosquito-like bite.

Jellyfish - The ocean currents combining with a particular season may bring jellyfish into our bay. Whilst no venomous jellyfish are reported in Central Vietnam, you are advised to avoid them as they frequently contain sea lice which can leave you with an uncomfortable itch or sting. Please seek assistance from lifeguards or pool attendants should you require it.