A place for endless sport activities

Laguna Lăng Cô is located in Central Vietnam, framed by a three-kilometre beach in the Chan May region overlooking the East Sea, an area renowned for its pristine coastline, natural scenery. With more than 100 activities available to bring out the intrepid explorer in you, you are likely to be busy enjoying yourself so much that a return trip is inevitable. Do not forget to squeeze in some time to do absolutely nothing other than lying on the luscious beach and soak in the incredible beauty of Laguna Lăng Cô.



Vietnam Basket Boat-Jet Ski Safari

Vietnamese Wooden Boat

Explore Bu Lu River and Visit Canh Duong Fishing Village
Sit back and enjoy a leisurely cruise up the Bu Lu River by traditional Vietnamese wooden boat, passing many rice fields, farms, and taking in the breath taking scenery of the Bach Ma Mountain range – the source of the Bu Lu River.  It is this river that is the life blood of the local fishing village supplying a safe harbor, a secondary fishing zone in the monsoon season, a place for fisherman to mend their nets, tie up their boats and rest, or simply have a cooling dip in the heat of the day.


  • Guide & Skipper
  • Water & Fruit onboard
  • Traditional basket boat ride, and test your skills at paddling this strange craft
  • Food experience at local village
  • Transfers from Lobby and return

Booking Essentials: bookings by phone, or in person at the activities desk in Angsana Lobby

  • Meet at lobby: 8:15am
  • Return to lobby: 11.30am
  • Days:  Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Min 2 people  –  Max 12 people
  • Cost : 700.000++ VND each

Jet Ski Safari

Take an amazing journey with Jet ski safari on the beautiful Lăng Cô beach. Cruise the pleasant wave while maneuvering the jet ski to visit some of local villagers and take an opportunity to see the neighboring pristine shores.

Vietnam Basket Boat

Enjoy a one-hour private Vietnam basket boat tour, taking in the scenery along the pristine beach of Lăng Cô. It’s an awesome way to know more about Vietnamese local life while admiring the beautiful nature of Central Vietnam.


Stand-Up Paddle Board-banner

Stand-Up Paddle Board

Stand-up paddle board offers a fun and relaxing way to play on the water and delivers a full-body workout. Head to our beautiful beach, spend some interesting time with your families and friends!

Sailing Dinghy

A must-try activity for those who love sailing. Let’s embark on a day out with sailing dinghy at Laguna Lăng Cô. Take a chance to immerse yourself in warm sunshine, blue waters and expansive coastline!

Water Trampoline

The water trampoline is guaranteed to be a fantastic activity for everyone! Together with your group of friends, let’s take an exciting bounce, soak up into the sky and splash into the cool Lăng Cô beach!


Motorised Water Sport banner

Jet Ski

Get ready for one of the most exciting water activities in Laguna Lăng Cô. Make your day full of fun by taking a jet ski adventure in Lăng Cô bay. Enjoying the thrilling ride through the waves with stunning views of the Truong Son mountain, it will definitely a wonderful experience to remember!


Zup is a fresh and new way for everyone to enjoy riding across the water. Show us your creativity with the unlimited action with zup such as lay, kneel, stand, surf, rest or ride backward.

Great Big Mable

Great Big Mable is designed to provide the full and highest water sports experience to all of you. Together with a group of maximum 4 people, take a chance to become the professional riders and rock the beach in Laguna Lăng Cô.

Ezi Trainer/Ez Ski Trainer

If you are a newbie in water sport activities, there are no worries! In recreation center of Laguna Lăng Cô, we will set you up with all the guidance, safety tips and all equipment you need for an amazing water adventure. Just put on sunblock and swimwear, we will take care of the rest!

Photoshoots With Speed Boat

Have a memorable photoshoot with your family and close ones against the beautiful backdrop of the magnificent Lăng Cô beach. It will be a beautiful memory that lasts a lifetime!


Land Activities banner

Fatboy Bike

Wherever you go, the Fatboy will deliver a good time to all of you. If you are an adventurous person, we are sure that you don’t want to miss a wonderful journey along the beach or into the jungle by fatboy bike.

Biking In Resort

Go on a leisure adventure within Laguna Lăng Cô. How amazing to bask in the relaxing atmosphere and beautiful landscape that nature offer.

Tennis partner

If tennis is your favorite sport, you could play here on our course with everything you need for a good game: racket, balls and water. Playing partner is available (booking required).


Challenge yourself! Climb, balance, tumble, hang and roll with slackline. Concentrating on your balance creates a sense of peace and inner harmony, with others and with the world around you. Experience it in Laguna Lăng Cô!




Sandflies Please be advised that you may encounter sandflies on the beach. A sandfly bite can be just as irritating as a mosquito bite. We would strongly recommend that as a precaution you apply insect repellent before going to the beach.

Jellyfish The currents occasionally bring jellyfish into the bay, therefore please be careful and do not touch any jellyfish you may encounter either in the water or on the beach, as they can give you a nasty sting. In case of any contact with jellyfish, please notify one of the marine staff or pool attendants for assistance.